One of fifteen community colleges under the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education,North Shore Community College operates as a single entity with all programs, services, and resources managed through one administrative organization. The College is organized into four major components, each led by a Vice President with all four Vice Presidents reporting to the President of the College. The four components are: Administration and Finance; Academic Affairs; Student Affairs; and Human Resource Development. The Vice Presidents constitute the President's Cabinet and work as a leadership team within an environment of collaborative decision-making and a culture of inclusion and assessment. 


Executive Staff

President Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D. Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D. 
Janice Forsstrom Janice Forsstrom 
Vice President, 
Administration & Finance
Bill Hebert Jr Bill Hébert, Jr.
Vice President,
Student Affairs
Karen Hynick Karen Hynick 
Vice President, 
Academic Affairs
Madeline Wallis Madeline Wallis 
Vice President, 
Human Resource Development
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